Grebna and Vonerebna

Good day! You are currently on the home page of the official website of Grebna and Vonerebna! Here you will find almost everything about is in this single website, its being updated almost every day and we ad new things! Here you can apply for citizenship, read the news, learn about out history, and soon, even the constitution! Have fun exploring this website built by Boil Stefanov!

              Our Mission

Our mission is to simply create a little version of Bulgaria and Serbia but without corruption and green vax pass, the country's population is a majority of Serbs and Bulgarians who don't want a green pass or corruption. If you are a part of them or you are from any other country and you don't want a green pass or corruption, Grebna and Vonerebna is the country for you! We don't want overpopulation though so think about it, you don't need to join if you don't want to. 

Our Leader

Boil Stefanov is our official leader and publisher of this website,  He is a open-minded, kind and respected person, he has an entire Microwiki page about him, go check it out in the "Other" section!

Get to know us

Our flag

You can see our flag on top of this text, consisting of Black White and Blue, having 
the coat of arms in the middle, the blue represents our sea, the white represents
the white snow we get every winter and the black represents the colours
of our national animal: the Siberian Husky

Our Government

Our government is formed of 12 people, mostly senators and ministers, however
2 main people are in charge of keeping the country stable: Boil Stefanov the president
and Andrey Sharkov the Vice president, the two have lead the country through its
roughest times, to this day the country still lives thanks to them


This is where we will be posting national news and global news, 
Direct connection with GNT (Grebnar National TV) and GNR 
(Grebnar National Radio)

Grebna and Vonerebna Official

Published by Boil Stefanov: President and founder of Grebna and Vonerebna